• Personal Lines


     Personal Automobile Insurance provides liability and physical damage coverage for personally owned automobiles. Third party coverage provides defense and settlement expenses for incidents where the insured driver damages property of others or injures another person. Physical damage coverage offers protection for your own vehicles in the event they are damaged or destroyed.

     Personal homeowners insurance is available to protect individuals and families from loss resulting from personal liability and/or personal property loss. Personal liability allows for the defense and settlement of alleged claims against you and the members of your household. Personal property insurance allows for the replacement and repair of your belongings due to fire, windstorm and many other causes. Additional coverage is available for liability pertaining to other properties and property insurance for special value items.

     Top-rated companies with the most competitive life insurance programs. Low Cost term plans with premiums guaranteed for up to 30 years. Return of Premium Term gives you all of your premiums back. Build tax deferred savings with Universal Life and Whole Life. These products can also be designed for use with Key Man and Buy/Sell arrangements including business transition and executive bonus.

     Individual plans including HSA programs. Group plans are available for groups with as little as two employees. Many different options exist including high deductible plans with savings accounts, health maintenance organizations with low co-payment, no deductibles and everything in between.

     Personal Articles
     Personal Articles insurance is designed to insure valuable items or items that are in transit or on your person. Examples include jewelry, furs, fine arts, firearms, and collections. Due to the nature of the inconsistent valuation of these items in comparison with ordinary property items, this coverage provides full value protection and replacement cost.

     Flood insurance provides personal property protection for your dwelling and belongings in the event of damage caused by high water or ground water. This coverage is not provided under a basic homeowners policy and must be purchased separately.